PHOENIX Process Equipment Co. has been known globally for its tailings dewatering systems since 1984. The success of their dewatering technology, internal product development, and a series of strategic partnerships and joint ventures have helped established the foundation that led the company to become an international leader in systems for liquid/solid separation; fines slurry separation, thickening & dewatering; sand classification; materials classification for other minerals production processes; and the automation and auxiliaries that support these systems. PHOENIX can also assist in all other phases of your project including: sampling, process evaluation, in-house laboratory services, pilot plants, flow sheet development, facility design, field execution and commissioning. PHOENIX Technologies Include: • AS ATTRITION CELL Scrubbers to separate surface contaminants from sand • HS HYDROSORT™ hindered settling classifiers for sand classification and/or deleterious material separation • HG Separators to mechanically separate and dewater residual fines • PHOENIX/KISA Bucket Wheels for sand classification and dewatering • HiFlo™ and AltaFlo™ Thickeners for slurry thickening, volume reduction, and water clarification • Deep Bed™ & HiDensity™ Paste Thickeners for high density dry stack tailings disposal • WX Belt Filter Presses, Recessed Chamber Filter Presses, Membrane Filter Presses for slurry dewatering and water recovery

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