CR Meyer is a heavy industrial general contractor with deep roots in the mining industry. More than 70 years ago they began building iron ore mines in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and have since expanded their expertise across the United States to include the extraction of aggregate for limestone, cement, and petrochemical industries. CR Meyer engineers, designers and crews have successfully designed and constructed multiple facilities for the extraction of high quality northern white sand for foundry and energy applications. The rapidly expanding aggregate industry has come to rely on CR Meyer’s specialized millwrights, ironworkers, mechanics, and welders whose primary focus is the installation and maintenance of heavy extraction equipment and supportive structures. They are capable of constructing, installing and maintaining equipment to drill, blast, load, haul, crush, break, sort, and convey aggregate on its way to market. Whether an equipment outage is planned or unplanned, the crew’s record is unparalleled in the industry for safety, quality, and on-time completion. CR Meyer is a full service contractor that employs skilled crews of ironworkers, millwrights, boilermakers, carpenters, laborers, operators, bricklayers, and concrete finishers. CR Meyer’s professional services division includes project managers, engineers, architects, schedulers, and experts in tracking costs and ensuring worker safety.

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